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Mission and goals

Mission of e-Commerce Poland

The mission of e-Commerce Poland is the development of the Polish market for the provision of digital services, in particular e-commerce sector through cooperation, exchange of know-how and strong and effective representation of the interests of the industry in dialogue with the Polish Government, European Union and non-governmental organizations in Poland and abroad.




The following are the specific objectives of new organization:

  • development of the knowledge base on e-commerce market research, identification of growth factors and barriers to the development and publication of periodic reports,
  • close cooperation with industry organizations in Europe,
  • information on pending legislative initiatives (EU and Poland), and provision and distribution from industry – to promote entreprise and the Internet economy,
  • initiative of self-regulatory measures, to support the development of market standards,
  • advocacy, public relations and education for the development of the industry,
  • support the building of personal relationships (networking)
  • organizing industry conferences,
  • rewarding market participants on the basis of transparent criteria for quality.