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Benefits for online stores


  • Access to a database of legal experts specialising in the e-commerce subject matter, in helping to create regulations and legal changes in business activity,
  • Representation of joint branch interests in order to remove legal barriers in development.


  • Free access to the e-Commerce report in Poland. Gemius for e-Commerce Polska,
  • Assistance in interpretation of the research results.


  • Assistance in taking first steps in creation of the company image,
  • Participation in the competition for stores " e-Commerce Polska awards",
  • Communication through the e-Economy Club newsletter.


  • Support in identification of potential customers,
  • Access to know how - how to create on-line business - participation in works of the e-Chamber focus groups,
  • Discounts for services provided by e-Chamber members - through the e-Commerce Polska Catalogue of Companies and Services,
  • Participation in the " e-Commerce Polska awards" gala,
  • Free participation in e-Chamber internal events: networking meetings, the e-Commerce Polska School, the e-Commerce Polska business mix.



(free entrance to trainings of the e-Commerce Polska School and e-Commerce business mix)

  • Legislative education: in order to be protected from legislative risks,
  • Marketing and sales education: within the scope of establishing business in the Internet.