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The e-Commerce Polska School

An important statute point of the e-Chamber is the educational development of the branch. This is done, among other things, during internal workshops and external trainings conducted by the e-Commerce Polska School.

The e-Commerce Polska School educational program is dedicated to:

  1. Beginners who:
    • Take their first steps in e-commerce
    • Want to open an on-line store
  2. Advanced practitioners who focus on development of their skills within the scope of e-commerce and development of their own business.

The school of eCommerce Polska has new rules in 2016!

The new edition of the SCHOOL OF E-COMMERCE POLAND 2016!

1. The classes will last 4 hours:

  • Two hours of theory
  • Two hours of practice based on case studies stores present at the training.

2. The school e-Commerce Poland will be finished with an examination for participants who achieve 80% presence.
3. The examination – test online (mobile and PC) will be prepared by experts of e-Commerce Polska, who will lead each workshop. For each of 5 thematic falls - 5 questions (total 25).
4. Minimum level is 80% of correct answers to pass the test successfully.
5. The final test will be held on 25 November 2016. Time to complete: 30 minutes.
6. Persons who complete the exam successfully will be able to pick up
diplomas in mid-December 2016.




All educational classes are conducted by experts from e-Commerce focus groups.


All internal workshops are held in Warsaw, Rondo ONZ 1, Rondo 1, 10th floor.