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Podsumowanie: 26.05.2017 r.

This week, the Brussels team is busy finalizing the follow up of the Working Committee Meetings on e-Payments, e-Regulations, the Trustmark and the Round Table on parcel delivery that took place two weeks ago. Besides this, the Brussels team continues working towards the Global E-commerce Summit, which will take place on 12-14 June 2017 at the Hotel Rey Juan Carlos I, Barcelona. 

Policy highlights of this week include:               

  • Ecommerce Europe calls on the Commission to act now on the EBA’s RTS on Strong Customer Authentication or add major payment obstacles for EU online merchants facing global competition

On 17 May Ecommerce Europe published a Press Release calling on the Commission to act on the EBA’s final draft RTS or risk adding major payment obstacles on EU online merchants who already face disadvantages in global competition. “The European Commission must act now, or add major payment obstacles for EU online merchants already disadvantaged by global competition,” stated Marlene ten Ham, Secretary General of Ecommerce Europe, adding that “in theory, the final draft RTS allow for exceptions to Strong Customer Authentication based on transactional risk analysis, but in practice, the unreasonably low reference fraud values mandated by the EBA will continue to push the majority of transactions to undergo Strong Customer Authentication.” Please find the Press Release here.

  • Draft Report by the ERPB Working Group on Payment Initiation Services

At its November 2016 meeting, the Euro Retail Payments Board (ERPB) decided to set up a Working Group, which is co-Chaired by Ecommerce Europe, to identify conditions for the development of an integrated, innovative and competitive market for Payment Initiation Services (PIS) in the European Union. As part of its mandate, the Working Group is tasked to report back to the ERPB at its General meeting on 12 June. While, due to time constraints, the Working Group was unable to address potential technical requirements such as for the choice of the communication layer, message formats and for dealing with the complexity of co-signing in particular in the context of corporate payments, the Working Group’s draft report finds that maintaining trust, sustaining a positive user experience, avoiding fragmentation at European level, and ensuring that clarity of the liability framework and regulatory requirements. 

  • Ecommerce Europe co-signs industry letter on Digital Content proposal

Last week, Ecommerce Europe co-signed a joint business statement (see attached) on the proposed Directive on the supply of digital content. The statement was prepared in view of the upcoming Justice and Home Affairs Council meeting of 9-10 June. It seems that a “general approach” in the Council meeting of 9-10 June is quite possible. For your information, a general approach agreed in the Council can help to speed up the legislative procedure and even facilitate an agreement between the two institutions, as it gives the Parliament an indication of the Council's position prior to their first reading opinion. Uncertainty remains around the removal from the scope of tangible goods with embedded digital content. It is unlikely that the exclusion of embedded digital content in goods will happen in the Council. However, Ecommerce Europe and other business organizations keep pushing for simple solutions for the case of embedded content (i.e. leave it up to the tangible goods rules). Given the fact that the content of the statement on the proposal was overall in line with our position, we supported this initiative. The letter has been co-signed by other business organizations such as BusinessEurope, EuroCommerce, DigitalEurope, etc. We will approach the Permanent Representations with the joint message next week. We will keep monitoring the situation and keep you informed of any update.

  • Global Ecommerce Summit 2017: Urgent request for final boosting of the Summit!

As you all know, the Global E-commerce Summit is less than a month away. To make the Summit a success, we are still aiming at increasing the number of participants. If anyone of you has an idea to support this goal, please do not hesitate to share this with us. We are very open to discuss opportunities for collaboration. The more active you are the more it will help to let this become a great success. 

  • Global E-commerce Summit 2017: Member registration still open!

Ecommerce Europe Company Members, Business Partners and Associative Partners have some time ago received an e-mail linking to a dedicated online portal for registration to the Global E-commerce Summit 2017 (12-14 June). Ecommerce Europe Company Members qualify for 1 complementary ticket, Ecommerce Europe Company Members PLUS qualify for 2 complementary tickets; Ecommerce Europe Business Partners qualify for 2 complementary tickets; Ecommerce Europe Associative Partners qualify for 1 complementary ticket; and Ecommerce Europe Associative Partners PLUS qualify for 2 complementary tickets. Confirmation of your registration will be dependent upon membership status. If you have not done so already, Ecommerce Europe would like to invite its Members to register, to make full use of their Membership packages.